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Our dairy applications have successfully helped dairies by adding oxygen to ponds and flush-downs, lowering salts, accelerating composting of manure, and lowering odors.

The Water Changers Unit accelerates the separation of solids from liquids. Oxygen and micronutrients begin working in the holding ponds, which is very visible to the eye, and odors are decreased. These hydrogen and oxygen atoms are instrumental in the reduction of nematodes and other water-borne pathogens and change the state of the water from Anaerobic to Aerobic, with or without the use of aerators or digesters. This gives an effective, continual treatment of soil and water-born pathogens. Water and manure can be put on fields immediately, reducing side effects and problems, and achieving biological balance quickly.

Fresh Water Units reduce hard water and scale in pipes and emitters. Cows will drink more water when water is soft, with no chemical additives. Clean pipes reduce the environment for pathogens and bacteria to grow.

Water Changers Units do not use any chemicals and are compatible with all other dairy practices. Our system is organically and biologically friendly.


  1. Nitrogen Management
  2. Salts
  3. Nitrates
  4. Toxicity Levels
  5. Water-borne Pathogens
  6. Water Tension & Usage
  7. Boron & Magnesium Levels
  8. TDS in Soil
  9. Stress and Odors
  10. Need for Aerators
  11. Downtime and Maintenance
  12. Bicarbonates
  13. Alkalinity
  14. Chemicals
  15. Costs
  1. Nutrient Benefits
  2. Microorganisms
  3. Water Penetration and Retention
  4. Accelerated Growth
  5. Production
  6. Micronutrients
  7. Nutrient Levels
  8. Plant Health
  9. Flush Water Quality
  10. Aeration of Holding Ponds
  11. Animal Health
  12. Oxygen Levels
  13. Carbon Availability
  14. Water Softness
  15. PROFITS ! ! !